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Thioctic acid

Thioctic Acid Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidative reactions. The free radicals that they fight against resist many pathological processes in the body.

Diabetes Salad Recipes

Salads for diabetics and their recipes We offer you to read the article on the topic: "salads for diabetics and their recipes" with comments from professionals.

10 simple seaweed salads

Sea cabbage, Salad with apples Appetizer recipes → Salads → Salad with apples Dishes from cabbage → Sea cabbage Juicy, fragrant, bright salad of sea cabbage, apples and pickled cucumber.

WHO classification: diabetes

Classification of diabetes mellitus Currently, the WHO classification of 1999 is recognized, according to which the following types of diabetes are distinguished: I. Type 1 diabetes: A. Autoimmune B. Idiopathic II. Type 2 diabetes, III.

Dental prosthetics

Is dental implantation possible in diabetes For a long time, diabetes was considered an absolute contraindication for dental implantation, despite the fact that the teeth in patients with diabetes suffer aesthetically and functionally.

What is a pseudocyst of the pancreas

What is a pseudocyst of the pancreas There are many diseases, the beginning of which is asymptomatic. These include cyst and pancreatic pseudocyst. It is also called pancreatic pseudocyst.

Constipation with pancreatitis

Constipation with pancreatitis Such a pathological disorder, like constipation with pancreatitis in recent times is quite common. Although it is considered that the main problem of this disease is diarrhea.

Reduxin® (Reduxin)

Release form and composition Reduxin is available in the form of capsules: size No. 2, blue and blue, the contents are white or white with a yellowish tint powder (10 each in blister packs, in a cardboard bundle of 3 or 6 packs).