Foot cream for diabetics: effective ointments

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that can lead to the development of many serious complications, the most dangerous of which is the diabetic foot. For this reason, it is very important for patients with diabetes to provide their feet with proper care, which will prevent the appearance of corns, corns, cracks and trophic ulcers.

Foot care for diabetes requires the mandatory use of special creams and ointments that provide it with the necessary nutrition, moisturizing, softening and protection.

But in order to get the desired result, it is important to know which ones to choose the best foot cream for diabetes, what components should be included in its composition and how to apply it on the skin of the feet.

Important cream properties for diabetes

Diseases of the legs with diabetes arise as a result of a serious damage to the cardiovascular and nervous systems. A high concentration of glucose in the blood destroys the walls of blood vessels, which has a particularly fatal effect on the capillaries and small vessels of the legs.

This leads to a violation of the microcirculation of the blood and causes a lack of oxygen and nutrients in the tissues of the feet. Such a complication over time leads to necrosis of the cells and, most importantly, to the destruction of nerve fibers.

The defeat of the nerve endings deprives the sensation of the foot, which makes them susceptible to various injuries and injuries. For example, a patient with diabetes can wear narrow or uncomfortable shoes for a long time, without noticing that she is seriously rubbing him.

Any skin damage in diabetes mellitus heals for a very long time, and a deterioration in local immunity can provoke severe purulent inflammation. That is why diabetics often suffer from trophic ulcers on their legs, which can even lead to amputation of limbs.

The use of a special cream or ointment for diabetes will help prevent such dangerous consequences and keep the patient's foot. But an ideal foot cream for diabetics should have the following properties:

  1. Relieve inflammation,
  2. Effectively moisturize the skin,
  3. Protect the foot from fungus,
  4. Kill pathogenic bacteria
  5. Saturate the tissues with all the necessary vitamins,
  6. Strengthen metabolic processes in the skin,
  7. Improve the blood supply to the feet,
  8. Tone the skin of the legs.

The composition of the foot cream

A high-quality cream for diabetics should promote the healing of leg ulcers and prevent the appearance of new ones. This will stop the development of the diabetic foot and even reverse this pathological process, improving blood circulation and restoring sensitivity in the legs.

When buying a foot cream it is best to give preference to products marked "for diabetics." This inscription is a guarantee that the cream contains all the components necessary for the care of the feet of patients with diabetes.

But in the absence of specialized cosmetics, you can use the usual leg creams, but provided that they are developed on the basis of the following useful substances:

  • Extract from peppermint leaves. This plant has a strong antimicrobial effect. Mint also relieves pain
  • Blackcurrant berry extract. This substance has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, and promotes the rapid healing of ulcers and other skin lesions. And the huge amount of nutrients contained in blackcurrant helps protect your legs from necrotic processes,
  • Sea buckthorn oil. This oil is one of the most effective natural remedies for the rapid healing of wounds and corns,
  • Urea. This component provides the cream with a high moisturizing ability. Urea foot cream for diabetics is the best way to fight your diabetic foot.
  • Liquid collagen. This substance is an analogue of the protein of which human skin consists. Collagen is necessary for the effective restoration of the skin.
  • Allantoin. It has pronounced antiseptic properties and helps to destroy pathogenic bacteria.
  • Tea tree and sage essential oils. These are another great antiseptics that also help to quickly heal any wounds and cuts,

Antifungal agents. They can be very different, but their presence in the cream and foot ointment for diabetes is simply necessary.

The difference between cream and ointment

Despite the fact that creams for diabetic foot have a whole range of useful properties, they are caring agents and are used as a preventive measure. Serious problems, such as non-healing trophic ulcers and infected gangrenized wounds, they will not cope with.

Such skin lesions can be cured only with special ointments intended for patients with diabetes. These drugs are medications and can include potent components such as antibiotics and anabolic hormones.

It is necessary to apply such ointment for legs in case of any injuries on the legs, for example, corns or cuts, which in the future can provoke the appearance of ulcers and tissue necrosis. Ointment should be applied only to the affected area, since it is easily absorbed into the blood through the skin and its excessive amount can cause an overdose.

A separate discussion deserves insulin ointment, when applied to the skin of the legs, the hormone contained in it quickly penetrates the bloodstream through the epidermis and helps lower blood sugar.

Diabetes Foot Care

The most important condition for foot skin care in diabetes is the regularity of procedures. Unlike other people, patients with this disease cannot afford to go to bed without providing their feet with the necessary nutrition, hydration and protection.

Therefore, for a diabetic, foot care for diabetes mellitus with the use of a special cream from a diabetic foot should become the same nightly procedure as washing or brushing your teeth. It is important to understand that neglecting a patient with diabetes can lose not only limbs, but also life.

But even regular use of the cream for diabetes may not bring the desired result if it is used incorrectly. All people suffering from diabetes need to know what is possible and what cannot be done when applying the cream on the skin of the legs.

How to use foot cream for diabetes:

  1. Before the procedure, it is necessary to wash the feet with a bath or shower, or make a foot bath, and only after that apply the cream,
  2. When applying the product, you should do a light foot massage, which should be performed with very smooth and gentle movements. No need to intensively rub or strongly press on the skin.
  3. When purchasing an ointment or cream, you need to choose a tool designed specifically to combat the problems that the patient has. So if the patient has the first signs of ulcers, then you should opt for an ointment or cream that improves skin regeneration and enhances blood circulation.
  4. To relieve inflammation and accelerate the healing of trophic ulcers, it is necessary to use a potent ointment, which should be applied only to affected areas of the skin,
  5. Creams and ointments, which include active ingredients, such as zinc, should be applied to the skin only with a soft sponge or cotton pad. This will avoid the appearance of small lesions on the skin, which over time can develop into infected ulcers.

Popular foot creams for diabetes

Ureata. Ureat cream contains urea, which makes it an excellent tool for dry and dehydrated skin. In addition, urea helps fight bad breath, and also eliminates irritation and helps to heal minor injuries.

This cream will be a good foot care foundation for type 2 diabetes, as it effectively copes with all skin problems in this disease. A balanced composition rich in healthy ingredients combined with high German quality will provide the skin with intensive hydration and nourishment, and help achieve excellent results.

The average price of Ureat cream is 340 rubles.

This cream is designed specifically for the care of sensitive and prone to damage to the skin of people suffering from diabetes. It includes many useful components that not only improves the condition of the skin, but also enhance blood microcirculation and increase sensitivity in the legs.

These properties of the cream can prevent the appearance of various lesions on the skin and contribute to the speedy healing of existing injuries, cuts and ulcers.

Cream Dia Ultraderm is a powerful tool that provides the skin of the legs with very gentle care and effective protection. It can even be used to care for sensitive skin of the feet, as it does not cause allergies and quickly eliminates any irritation.

The composition of this cream includes the following active ingredients:

  • Superoxide dismutase,
  • Glycerol,
  • Wheat germ.

On average, the price of this cream in Russian cities is 210 rubles.

Virta Urea Foot Care Cream is very suitable for patients with type 2 diabetes. It provides the skin with intensive hydration and improves cell renewal, which allows the patient to get rid of dryness, peeling and any inflammatory processes.

This cream for diabetics provides the legs with reliable protection against the formation of cracks, corns and corns, and its soft action makes it an ideal tool for daily care of dry and sensitive skin. It can be used in the morning and evening.

The approximate cost of this specialized cream is 180 rubles.

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