Is it possible to cure diabetes mellitus of the primary and secondary type: dietary rules, physical activity and blood control

How to treat diabetes in the initial stage

This is one of the diseases of the endocrine system that begins when the pancreas does not cope with the synthesis of the required amount of insulin or the body cannot use it due to the blocking of access from the blood to the cells. The name "diabetes" was given to the disease by the doctors of ancient Greece. They called the disease diabetes mellitus, which in Greek means "flowing through." So, we learn how diabetes is treated in the early stages of its development.

Consequences of diabetes

In diabetes, the human body does not have the ability to break down the glucose supplied with food, and also cannot store it in the liver. Therefore, instead of it, the body breaks down fats, which, in turn, leads to the appearance of a significant amount of toxins. This refers to ketone bodies, that is, acetone. Violation of fat and mineral metabolism leads to the fact that the nervous system, brain, blood vessels are affected. Also, the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, heart attack is significantly increased.

The consequence of diabetes is atherosclerosis of arteries, small vessels, purulent necrotic processes, retinopathy. Half of people with diabetes suffer from neuropathy.

Early treatment of the disease

Diabetes as a diagnosis is confirmed when a blood test from a finger shows a glucose value of more than 6.0 millimoles per liter (its norm is from 3.3 to 5.5). An additional confirmation is the presence of sugar in the blood of the patient, as well as ketone bodies.

Immediately after this, treatment should be prescribed. Like any disease, in the early stages of diabetes, it is more amenable to therapy and control. And do not forget that the main adviser for the patient should be an endocrinologist, no matter what remedy a person chooses. It should be borne in mind that in the early stages of the disease, drugs that help some people can be completely useless to others. Indeed, each person develops diabetes in different ways, and it depends on age, a genetic predisposition to this endocrine disease.

The basis of treatment is always a diet. A diabetic should know how much carbohydrate is in your foods. Be sure to exclude baking, sugar, alcohol, sweet fruits from the diet. If a person is characterized by obesity, then weight loss is an additional goal of treatment.

To prevent complications of type 1 diabetes, it is necessary to use insulin. In the second type, drugs that lower blood sugar should be used. They, of course, do not treat diabetes itself, but its main symptoms are eliminated. Treating diabetes in the early stages according to Blagov suggests eliminating its cause. You can use these recipes for this purpose:

  1. Aspen Bark. It is necessary to prepare a tablespoon of dried, crushed aspen bark, pour it with a half liter of water and boil for 20 minutes over low heat. Next, the healing potion should be insisted until completely cooled, filtered. Drinking this product is recommended at 50 grams three times a day before each meal. Chickens treatment for a long time - 60 days. Every morning you need to cook a fresh broth of aspen.
  2. Blueberry leaves. This is a long-standing and proven means of treating the disease in its early stages. It is necessary to prepare five tablespoons of dry blueberry leaves, pour them in a thermos with a liter of boiling water, leave for an hour. Then the healing potion is filtered. It is recommended to use it three times a day in a glass. The course of such treatment is 45-60 days.
  3. Diabetic collection No. 1. Prepare the same amount of flax seeds, blueberries, dry bean leaves, oat straw. Grind everything well and mix. Then boil five tablespoons of the collection in a liter of water for 15 minutes. After insisting for 30 minutes, the liquid is cured and consumed by the patient 7-8 times a day, 50 grams each.
  4. Diabetic collection No. 2. Mix in equal proportions dry bean pods. burdock root and blueberry leaves. Grind everything thoroughly. Boil a tablespoon of mixed collection in a glass of water for 5 minutes, leave for an hour. After straining, consume 50 grams five times a day after meals.

Treatment of diabetes in the initial stage

Diabetes in the initial stage is often combined with overweight. For its treatment, decoctions of herbs that have a sugar-lowering effect are used.

Here is one of the folk recipes for such a decoction: bean fruit sash - 20%, blueberry shoots - 20%, Manchurian aralia root - 15%, rose hips - 15%, St. John's wort, chamomile flowers, horsetail grass - 10% each.
Take 2 tablespoons of the mixture, pour 400 ml of boiling water, heat in a water bath for 15 minutes, cool at room temperature.
Strain the resulting broth, bring its volume to 400 ml.
Take a warm infusion 30 minutes before a meal in 1/3 cup for 1 month.
Take a two-week break and repeat the course. During the year, 4 courses are conducted.

Diabetes mellitus, treatment, decoction

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Alternative methods of treatment

Herbal "Collection of the father of George (Savva) 16 herbs" - a powerful restorative folk remedy.

The collection consists of three parts of the flowers of the ternary clitoris (Clitoria), one part of the violet grass.

The most effective way to help with a burn with ultraviolet light (lamp or welding) is.

How to treat a person’s lichen with the help of folk remedies, will tell Recipes for health.

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Proper nutrition for diabetes of the initial form

If you find such a serious disease as diabetes, you should not panic. First of all, you should know that diabetes is of two types: insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent, or more simply - diabetes of the first and second types, respectively. If you have type 2 diabetes, you need to consult a doctor to prevent the development of a more serious stage. Nutrition for diabetes mellitus of the initial form can serve as the main indicator contributing to the cessation of diabetes.

A bit about type 2 diabetes

Both hereditary and acquired factors can contribute to the development of diabetes. The main reason is a lack of insulin in the body and problems with its production. Problems develop with a malfunction of the pancreas, in which the formation of insulin occurs. As a rule, if not a person does not drink too many alcoholic beverages, does not smoke and monitors his own weight, type 2 diabetes develops in old age or after suffering serious diseases that affect the pancreas: pancreatitis, smallpox, rubella, hepatitis and others.

In diabetes of the second type, the body itself can cope with the production of the required amount of insulin, but in this case, the person should strictly monitor his diet and avoid eating certain foods. For patients with such a diagnosis, usually only taking special medications in the form of tablets is sufficient.

Diet for initial diabetes

It is necessary to observe some restrictions on food intake, which will help reduce blood sugar and maintain its performance within acceptable limits. These restrictions relate mainly to the consumption of foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates, which are converted into glucose. Also, food should be taken in small portions and at certain hours for better regulation of blood sugar.

Diabetes is often associated with obesity, when nutritionists recommend consuming less flour, fat and sweet. Much more useful would be their replacement with fresh fruits and vegetables, black and grain bread (in small portions). Salads are best prepared with dressing from olive oil and a few drops of lemon. But from my favorite pasta. semolina, various cereals, beans, peas and beans, it is better to refuse.

As for eggs, some doctors allow their consumption every other day, one hard-boiled. However, modern studies show that at the age of 30-35 years old, you should not eat more than two eggs per month at all.

Favorite potato has a high glycemic index, that is, it contains a huge amount of carbohydrates. That is why it is worth consuming in very small quantities and not every day. The same restriction applies to corn.

As for the broths, it is better if they are not very fatty or even vegetable. In the latter case, they can be consumed in unlimited quantities. If the cause of diabetes is overweight, which you are trying to reduce, you can also cook soups on meat broth, but on the secondary one. That is, we pour the broth after the first cooking, pour the meat with water again and cook the soup on the resulting broth. By the way, it is better to use lean types of beef, rabbit meat, turkey and chicken from meat. The meat itself is consumed in small quantities - about 100 g once a day. It will be very useful fish, but low-fat species.

Dairy products are important and healthy. However, they should not be abused. It is better to drink fermented milk products, but of low fat content. Hard cheese is also allowed, but in small quantities and with a fat content of not more than 30%.

Sweets, carbonated drinks, fatty foods and dishes, smoked meats, alcohol are strictly prohibited.

You can also learn about the diabetes diet from the following video:

Food rules

It is very important that the body completely processes the resulting products. Therefore, as with any diet aimed at losing weight, you should divide the daily diet into 4-5 meals. Snacks should be light and include juices, vegetables, fruits. You can make a snack from a salad based on fresh vegetables. The ideal break between main meals is 3 hours, but not more than four hours.

Do not skip breakfast. It is better if it will include oatmeal or cottage cheese, in which you can add a little fruit or dried apricots.

When the first signs of diabetes are detected, the hostess should learn how to cook foods without frying. Vegetable oil is very useful in unrefined form in salads and as a small addition to other dishes. Barbecue, smoked meats, fried foods are generally better to exclude from the diet. Much more useful will be dishes cooked in steam and in the oven. In addition, you should not forget about the simple and affordable cooking process. If we are talking about cooking your favorite chicken - you need to remove the skin.

At the initial stages of diabetes, it is necessary to understand that self-discipline in food will help to avoid the dire consequences of developing diabetes, moreover, the diet at the initial stage of the disease is diverse and does not carry the most stringent diverse prohibitions. Take care of yourself!

It is possible to cure, if timely detected: the initial stage of diabetes and ways to combat the disease

Diabetes mellitus is a pathology that occurs against the background of a lack of the hormone insulin and leads to dangerous complications in the human body.

This disease is a group in nature and is divided into several phases of development.

In order to effectively reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood, thereby preventing the further development of pathology, it is necessary to begin therapeutic measures as soon as the initial stage of diabetes manifests itself in the form of characteristic signs.

The neglected stage is a danger to human life and is not completely cured. An appointment for the medical treatment of this pathology can only be obtained from a practicing specialist after determining the exact diagnosis.

At the initial stage of the development of diabetes mellitus, the patient is prescribed a special diet aimed at normalizing carbohydrate metabolism and strict adherence to the daily regimen. Timely contacting a medical institution guarantees a quick effect without the use of not always useful

Causes of occurrence

Specialists identify the main factors that provoke the development of diabetes. These include:

  • genetic predisposition. This does not mean that the newborn is sick with diabetes. It's just that the child has an increased tendency to the occurrence of pathology, and parents should provide him with proper nutrition and take all necessary vaccinations to reduce the likelihood of an increase in glucose concentration in the future,
  • mental disorders, constant stress and depression,
  • overweight, obesity,
  • infections of a viral nature can provoke the onset of diabetes, especially with a genetic predisposition or diseases of the pancreas. These include: influenza, rubella, chickenpox, etc.
  • all sorts of pathologies of the glandular organs, especially the pancreas. It is she who contributes to the production of insulin by controlling the level of sugar in the blood. Any malfunction of the gland often leads to diabetes,
  • addiction to junk food,
  • age plays an important role in the appearance of this disease. The more a person is aged, the greater the likelihood of developing diabetes. At risk are people over 55,
  • the state of pregnancy provokes an increase in the load on the pancreas, which causes a jump in glucose in the blood. This type of diabetes passes immediately after childbirth.

For the above reasons, you can see that often the initial stage of diabetes is caused by a disregard for one's own health.

To reduce the risk of pathology, you can follow some rules:

  1. get vaccinated on time
  2. during the period of viral epidemics, take preventive antiviral drugs, which will significantly reduce the risk of the disease,
  3. less nervous
  4. eliminate junk food from your diet and adhere to the balance of BZHU,
  5. move more,
  6. in the presence of excess kg try to reduce weight,
  7. in the presence of chronic pancreatic pathologies, routinely undergo routine

How to recognize diabetes at an early stage? The initial stage has its own signs, which are quite simple to detect if you carefully consider your well-being. When manifested, they gradually increase, simultaneously with the development of the disease. Neglect of one's own health leads to aggravation of pathology and further dangerous complications

. The main external and internal symptoms of the initial stage of diabetes:

  • chronic fatigue, fatigue,
  • increased appetite
  • a sharp decrease and increase in body weight,
  • male hair loss
  • dryness and itching in the external genitalia in women,
  • itching of a nervous nature in the area of ​​the knee joint,
  • unquenchable thirst. A person drinks 5-6 liters of fluid per day,
  • decreased physical activity due to muscle weakness,
  • frequent urination with colorless urine,
  • irritability,
  • the formation of pustules on the skin,
  • prolonged healing of any, even minor skin lesions,
  • increased sweating, especially in the palms,
  • dry mouth, even immediately after drinking
  • violation of the body's immune functions.

Even one of the above symptoms is a good reason for an immediate visit to a specialist. The doctor will examine and prescribe a number of diagnostic measures. Based on the results, the endocrinologist diagnoses type 1 or 2 diabetes at the initial stage, prescribes the appropriate treatment, which often consists in a well-composed diet.

Basic conditions for a quick recovery

Is diabetes early on? Of course. The most important rule of recovery is a well-composed diet. This measure can not only improve the condition of the patient, but also irrevocably eliminate the disease. A timed menu and strict adherence to the rules of special nutrition will balance the level of sugar in the blood and significantly improve the well-being of the patient.

In addition to proper nutrition, healing is promoted by:

  • full sleep at least 8 hours a day,
  • regular walks in the fresh air,
  • healing power of sea air. If it’s not possible to visit a seaside resort, a hydropathic clinic will be a great alternative
  • small physical activities in the form of physical therapy, yoga or gymnastics,
  • stress resistance,
  • ridding your body of excessive physical exertion.

If there is an increase in blood sugar (initial stage of diabetes) from the diet, it is necessary to exclude:

  1. alcoholic drinks
  2. sugar,
  3. smoking,
  4. chips, crackers, etc.,
  5. eating fried foods
  6. spicy dishes,
  7. preservation, marinades, pickles,
  8. smoked meats
  9. potatoes and eggplant
  10. sweet cherries
  11. instant foods with transgenic fats,
  12. Exotic fruits,
  13. honey,
  14. carbonated drinks.

Foods That Should Be Preferred To Lower Blood Sugar:

  • lean meats: veal, lean pork, rabbit and non-broiler chicken,
  • vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, white or cauliflower, zucchini, bell pepper, legumes,
  • fruits: apples, pears, lemons, oranges, grapefruits and some dried fruits,
  • berries: red currants, gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries,
  • the drinks: clear water, berry fruit juice, homemade compote, green tea, kefir, chicory,
  • porridge: brown rice, buckwheat, oats, barley, oats, millet.

You can also eat eggs without yolks, unsweetened yogurt and cottage cheese. As a rule, a diet is compiled for a week, then completely changed. This allows you to enrich the menu with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Give preference to steamed dishes or in the oven. There is little, but often.

Possible complications of pathology

  1. diabetic coma
  2. jumps in blood pressure,
  3. persistent edema,
  4. trophic ulcers.

Blindness, pathology of the kidneys and heart can also develop. To prevent such complications, you need to contact the endocrinologist at the first signs of the initial degree of diabetes .ads-mob-2

Useful video

How to treat diabetes in the initial stage, without resorting to the use of medications, see the video:

According to statistics, a third of people living on our planet suffer from diabetes. This serious pathology is no less dangerous than AIDS, tuberculosis or cancer. Every person who encounters this disease should immediately receive medical help and know how to prevent diabetes in the initial stage in order to avoid dire consequences.

  • Stabilizes sugar levels for a long time
  • Restores pancreatic insulin production

Symptoms of Diabetes

The initial stage of diabetes can be recognized by external and internal signs, you just need to always listen to your body. Not everyone does this, so it is likely that the following symptoms are overlooked:

  • increased appetite
  • weight loss,
  • hair loss (in men)
  • itching in the external genital organs (women),
  • itching in the distal lower extremities,
  • constant thirst
  • fatigue, drowsiness, loss of thirst for work on a physical level,
  • repeated urination of a colorless nature,
  • nervousness,
  • malfunction of the immune system.

Very often, the first signs of the disease overlap with any other, there is a false diagnosis of diabetes. Or, on the contrary, it seems to a person that all of the above is the norm. And in that, and in another case, you can be very late with the conclusions, so it is best to consult a doctor with an endocrinologist in time and take tests.

Featured Products

Meat, it is best to choose young, low-fat varieties:

  • chicken, but by no means a broiler,
  • veal,
  • lamb,
  • low fat pork.
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • cabbage (white, cauliflower),
  • zucchini
  • sweet pepper,
  • legumes.

Diet excludes: potatoes and eggplant.

  • apples
  • pears
  • oranges
  • lemons
  • grapefruits
  • dried fruits (but in a small amount, without sugar icing, not exotic).

Use caution with cherries, strawberries, watermelon. Exclude cherries, melons, exotic fruits from the diet.

  • drinking water,
  • fruit drink on berries
  • compote (home-made),
  • green tea,
  • tea,
  • mineral water
  • kefir,
  • fermented baked milk,
  • chicory (powder),

With diabetes of this form, you can eat cottage cheese, eggs, but without yolks. As a dressing for vegetable or fruit salads, the diet allowed: olive, linseed oil, yogurt without dyes and syrup.

The table offers a choice of one of the dishes that can be prepared for lunch.

Second: Boiled fish or meat, meatballs, cabbage rolls (brown rice, lean meats), casserole from meat and vegetables,

Garnish in the form of acceptable cereals or baked vegetables, boiled or raw vegetables, vegetable salads with olive oil,

Any kind of vegetables

You can also have a snack with a small piece of cheese of low-fat varieties, drink permitted drinks, eat apples in case of hunger. Food, in the presence of diabetes, cook in the oven or steamed.

Food should be fractional, it is better to eat many times a day than immediately absorb food in large quantities.

Prohibited Products

The list of banned products leads:

  • sugar,
  • fast food in which transgenic fats are added,
  • pops, carbonated drinks with sweet syrup, kvass,
  • chips and crackers,

Earlier, honey was included in the diet of diabetics with the permission of doctors. Today you can not use it. The reason is that a lot of sugar has been added to honey. This occurs directly during the feeding of bees.

Proper nutrition is the first step to recovery. The disease can be not only delayed in development, but completely eliminated.

The appointment of drug treatment for diabetes of this form can be obtained only in medical institutions from highly qualified specialists. In the early period of the disease, a well-composed diet and daily regimen are usually enough for normal body activity.

If you have a disease:

  • get enough sleep
  • relax,
  • to walk outside,
  • breathe the sea air
  • do gymnastics, exercise therapy.
  • try to be as nervous and worry as possible,
  • avoid conflict situations
  • Avoid heavy exercise

A nervous state leads to itchy skin, sometimes “scratching” is strong and does not heal well. It is imperative to monitor this, dry the wounds, and keep them clean. You can use special tools, but only a doctor will prescribe them. To cure skin problems, celandine is used at home.

In case of more serious clinical complaints, drugs that lower blood sugar are prescribed. The norm in a healthy person is from 3.2 to 5.6 mmol / L. The patient's level will be slightly higher. The main thing is that it does not exceed 9 mmol / l.

Causes of Diabetes

Reasons often include:

  • genetic heredity
  • illicit product abuse
  • overweight,
  • a consequence of a viral infection,
  • age (usually this occurs during puberty or after 40 years),
  • pregnancy,

Folk remedies for diabetes

You can treat the disease with what Mother Nature gives us: various herbs, berries, vegetables and even spices. For example, ginger tea or cinnamon are good remedies for lowering sugar. A small handful of redcurrant, gooseberry or cranberry berries are vital for people with this diagnosis.

Also in folk therapy, vegetables and vegetable juice are well used:

Much attention in diabetes is given to phototherapy. It does not help cure the disease, but it contributes well to this in combination with a diet:

Bean or pea infusion. Finely chop a handful of beans (peas) together with a young peel, pour 50 ml of hot water, cover and put in a warm place overnight. In the morning, drink the drug on an empty stomach.

Strawberry leaves. In a water bath, steam the grass at the rate of at least 10 leaves per 200 ml of water. The water evaporates, so it should be diluted and taken 30 minutes before meals, 2 times a day.

Buckwheat decoction. Thoroughly rinse the spikelets of young buckwheat and steam in a water bath. Take in the morning on an empty stomach.

Diabetes mellitus in children

In children, the initial state can progress rapidly due to the characteristics of the body. It is very difficult to cure the disease, so parents should carefully monitor the symptoms.

In childhood, the main manifestations are:

  • constant thirst
  • dry mouth
  • frequent urination
  • sweating.
  • bald patches on the back of the head (babies),
  • itching
  • weakening of the immune system,

Only a doctor should treat at this age, the task of parents is to follow a strict diet, which will be doubly more difficult, since it is difficult for children to explain about the dangers of food. Monitor the regimen of the day, healthy sleep, frequent walks in the fresh air, wellness load.

For children, a decoction of pearl barley will be useful.

It is necessary to rinse the cereal well, put it overnight, covering it with water for 4 fingers. Simmer, after boiling for a minute, drain a little. Give the child a cool drink of water before eating. Giving porridge from barley to a child for breakfast and dinner.

Pearl barley is very useful, it is recommended to add it to the menu daily. Also try to feed the baby with cereals and vegetables as much as possible.

People with diabetes should protect themselves from viral and catarrhal diseases, which weaken the human body, require drug treatment that is completely undesirable for the underlying disease.

Can diabetes be cured?

Treatment will be most effective when the disease is at an early stage.

If an excessive amount of glucose in the blood is detected, specialists prescribe moderate treatment, which includes simple rules:

  • diet food
  • activity,
  • medications,
  • insulin injections can be used with type 2 disease.

Therefore, the question of whether diabetes can be cured at the initial stage has a positive answer. With the first subtype, the situation is somewhat different, because it can be characterized by complete non-production of insulin.

Cure the disease early

The early stage of the disease is not a reason to despair. A menu that is correctly scheduled according to the clock and its strict adherence is the path to recovery. Diet plays a huge role, as it can balance glucose levels.

The main rules of nutrition and lifestyle are:

  • quitting alcohol, smoking,
  • the exception of fried, salted, sweet, smoked and spicy,
  • fortified foods
  • scheduled food,
  • physical load method
  • preventing starvation.

A complex approach

Clinics specializing in the treatment of an ailment choose a set of procedures aimed at recovering a patient.

There are several main factors to the complex:

  1. Identification of the reasons that led to the occurrence of violations.
  2. Effect on the symptoms and causes of the disease.
  3. With the help of medications, an effect is made on the regeneration of tissues and the restoration of those functions that the organs have lost as a result of the ailment.
  4. Restoring energy balance, reducing the dose of insulin, and then a complete rejection of injections.

Primary and secondary type

Patients often wonder if it is possible to cure type 1 diabetes and forget about it forever. Even type 1 is curable, the main thing is to identify the cause in time, noticing the initial stage. Another situation is if the disease has long crossed the stage of origin. Here, even the secondary type of ailment will win in an unequal struggle. In order to recognize an insidious disease, those people over 45 should undergo examinations at least once every 3 years.

Increased physical activity

A person with diabetes should increase his physical activity. For people with an ailment, power and cardio loads will be ideal. Thanks to proper cardio training, you can cure a disease such as diabetes mellitus, restore normal blood pressure, prevent heart attacks and normalize the cardiovascular system.

Among the most common activities, preference should be given:

It is important to understand that physical education classes for people with a "sweet" disease should take place under the auspices of such conditions:

  1. Compliance with the restrictions that arose with the onset of the disease.
  2. No need to spend a lot of money on sportswear, equipment, hall memberships - this is unjustified.
  3. It is more correct to play sports in an accessible place, in a familiar environment.
  4. Classes should be held no less than once in 2 days, but it’s better to train the body every day for
  5. The beginning of exercises is a simple program, over time it needs to be complicated.
  6. Classes should be held with pleasure, there should not be a sense of pursuit of records.

Diet food

Diet optimization is the most important stage in the treatment of even latent diabetes.

So, the rules regarding food:

  • meals per day,
  • completely give up alcohol,
  • reduction in saturated fat intake,
  • reduce salt use.

With diabetes, you can eat stewed, boiled, steamed, fresh. It is forbidden to eat dishes with a high content of glucose and elements that give a strong load on the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

Sample menu and recipes for the week


  1. Herculean porridge, carrot salad (fresh).
  2. Orange.
  3. A slice of bread, borsch, stew (lean).
  4. Apple of green grades.
  5. Sweet peas, cottage cheese with herbs.
  6. Kefir with a small percentage of fat.


  1. Boiled fish, fresh cabbage salad, a slice of bread.
  2. Oven cooked vegetables.
  3. Boiled veal, vegetable soup.
  4. Cheese casserole.
  5. Steamed chicken meatballs, fresh vegetable salad.
  6. Dietary yogurt.


  1. Orange, buckwheat porridge.
  2. Cottage cheese with fruits.
  3. Vegetable stew with boiled meat.
  4. An Apple.
  5. Mushrooms with cabbage, bread.
  6. Kefir.


  1. Beetroot salad, rice.
  2. Berries
  3. Ear, bread, squash caviar.
  4. Buckwheat porridge, salad.
  5. Kefir.


  1. Cottage cheese, bread, apple and carrot salad.
  2. Oatmeal porridge, fruit compote.
  3. Cabbage soup, steamed fish cakes, bread.
  4. Fruit Salad.
  5. Milk porridge.
  6. Yogurt.


  1. Vegetable salad, wheat porridge.
  2. Orange.
  3. Vermicelli soup, stewed offal.
  4. Cottage cheese with vegetables.
  5. Baked vegetables.
  6. Kefir.


  1. Low-fat cottage cheese casserole.
  2. An Apple.
  3. Baked eggplant, soup with beans.
  4. Vegetable stew.
  5. Pumpkin porridge.
  6. Low-calorie yogurt.

Urine and blood sugar control

Diabetes mellitus is an ailment that requires constant monitoring.

Today it can be implemented in the following ways:

  • tester strips separately for blood and urine,
  • a glucometer that displays the result in 15 seconds,
  • GlucoWatch, it measures the sugar level three times per hour automatically, especially a child may need such a device.

In order to prevent complications and completely get rid of the diagnosis, the sugar level must be constantly monitored.


A medication is prescribed when diabetes is late or serious complications began to develop. Recently, Forxiga and Velmetia have been among the most effective drugs for treating this type of diabetes.

Medications for type 2 diabetes have the following effects:

  • increase insulin absorption,
  • reduce intestinal glucose intake,
  • sulfonylurea derivatives are delivered,
  • regulate insulin levels.

As additional medicines, the following may be prescribed:

  • aimed at lowering sugar,
  • stimulating the production of insulin by the pancreas.

Insulin pump

To understand how to quickly cure the disease, diabetes, you should definitely consult a doctor. For type 1 diabetics, insulin is required. For its introduction, you can use pumps, which are becoming more popular all over the world.

The advantages are:

  1. Correction of the dose and regimen of insulin administration.
  2. There is a choice of the minimum step - 0.1ED.
  3. Painlessness.
  4. Normalization of glycated hemoglobin.
  5. Maintaining your target glucose without spikes.

Who needs a pump

A pump is used for type 1 diabetes. It can also be installed in children, pregnant and lactating mothers, with frequent episodes of hypoglycemia, with severe illness of type 2, during a constant increase in glucose in the morning.

Today, the search for improved methods that will help solve the problem of how to cure diabetes mellitus does not stop. It is worth saying that over the past decade, many technologies have already been developed that in the future will give significant relief to the patient and make therapy more effective.

Stem cells

In the future, stem cell therapy is the most promising technique. The bottom line is that B-cells are grown in laboratories that have the property of being converted to any unit of the body. Scientists were able to reproduce the development of these cells in mice and cure animals of insulin deficiency.

There are vaccinations against diabetes, the purpose of which is to “teach” the immune system not to kill B cells. The DNA molecule is modified and helps to stop the inflammatory processes, and also stops the development of the disease.

How to learn to live with the disease

If the disease cannot be cured, you need to be able to live with it; there are basic rules:

  • Get in control of your body: monitor your sugar level, monitor your blood pressure, and visit a doctor. In other words, become the master of your body, observe it.
  • Always leaving home, it is recommended to take a piece of sugar or juice with you. This will help to avoid sudden changes in blood glucose. And sugar is absorbed faster than anything else.
  • Be aware that neglect of an ailment can aggravate a problem. The more the patient knows about his ailment, the better for him.

Fraudulent methods

Today, the Internet offers a ton of ways to get rid of diabetes through the use of “miracle drugs”, “methods,” but the goal in this case is one - profit. Such treatment is not that it will not bring benefits, but there is also a huge probability of harm.

Charlatans can offer:

  1. Slag removal.
  2. Herbal medicine.
  3. Devices with vibration.
  4. Work with the subconscious.
  5. Bioenergy.

All these methods will not help! Only an appeal to a specialist will help to resolve the issue of how to cure and forget about diabetes mellitus.

About treating diabetes in children

The children's body can also be affected by an ailment. If this happens, the doctor will recommend to keep a diary of injections, monitor the baby's condition daily, adhere to a complex carbohydrate diet, and exercise. Only enhanced therapy over the course of several years will help overcome the disease.

Diet in grams:

Soup160-180 gr.
Porridge130 gr
Cottage cheese80 gr.
Omelette80 gr.
Meat90-120 gr.
Stuffed cabbage130 gr
Casserole (vegetables)130 gr
Meatballs130 gr
Garnish130 gr
Vegetable salad110 gr.
Fruit salad100 gr.
Fruit once50 gr
Sour-milk80-120 ml.
Drink130 ml.
Bread30 gr
Cheese40-50 gr.

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